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This podcast is such a cool idea!

I was thinking you should have Rebbetzin Ruchi Koval in Cleveland on your new show. She's a leader in the community and would have a great discussion with you about anything!

If you can, reach out to her!



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Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman of Monsey, New York. He needs to be on this show. Ask him to discuss millennials and how educators and parents should be raising children today.

-Tzvi G.

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There's a rabbi by the name of Rabbi YY Jacobson who is a fabulous speaker and I'm sure if  you can would make a wonderful guest on podcast. 



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Rabbi Yechiel Spero is an author and speaker. He has some of the most inspiring stories and would be a cool guest. Talk to him about intermarrige.

-Goldie H.

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I know everybody these days is giving their own opinion but I was wondering if you could do a feature on the coronavirus?


-Moshe B.

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You interviewed Rebbetzin Lori Palatnik on your "Maverick Mondays" podcast. You should bring her on this one too and discuss woman in Judaism. So powerful!


-Barb F.

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Charlie Harary!!!!!!!!

-Michael Y.

❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  

Why do orthodox Jews where black hats and why to the rabbi have to wears long sidelocks?


-Joshua M.

❖  ❖  ❖  ❖  

Jackie Biton. I've heard her speak numerous times. Everytime is just as incredible as the last. If you can get her on your new podcast, that would be amazing!



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