Arrogance is born in the shadows and walks with fear.

Confidence is of light and brings love; self love to the world. -CPC

Walking through this world, luggage is not required, it is up to you. -CPC

Do what you love, with alacrity, as the good servant. -CPC

With a nod to Jeff Bezos...

Intellect is a gift. Kindness is a choice. Make it your way of existence! -CPC

Do not require, do desire; deep, full, and true. -CPC

The Platinum Rule: Do onto others as they wish and desire to be treated.

Or do onto others as they so desire. - The Platinum Rule -CPC

Eat less, do more. -CPC

Do not require, do desire, deep, full and true.-CPC

Find someone, thing, idea, spirit, state of being to be absolutely madly passionately in love with! - CPC

Spread love and always leave where you were better than before you arrived. -CPC

Do not listen to or believe a lie. No matter how many times your are told or how loud it is proclaimed. -CPC.

Win the day!- CPC

Iron through fire makes steel. Welcome the fire!

Truth, bold face -indisputable truth, should be adored and held in the highest acclaim. -CPC

When making a decision be prudent, pragmatic, and then bold. -CPC

With a nod to Kid Rock....

go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.-CPC

"It is not about who you can beat, but about who you can lift up to be their best self." -CPC

Be that nail that can take and welcome the hammering; keeping everything together. -CPC

In a battle of wits, do not be unarmed. -CPC

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