“First of all Maverick seems like a really great dude.
Today it seems like all the podcasters seem to want to create dispute, call someone out, or focus on controversy - all negative stuff! Maverick's is the exact opposite. He helps us recognize what attributes makes these great people "great" so we can try to incorporate them into our own lives!



"Absolutely crazy about Maverick Peters. He is amazing and his uplifting podcast takes individuals who are looking to increase their productivity to the next level. He encourages people to do their thing and to never give up I highly respect Maverick.

How can anyone say anything different!"

— RoCoz

"Loved your succinct and penetrating questions for Shari and also in allowing her maximum time for complicated and personal answers. Great beginnings for a promising new career, Mav.

Can’t wait for next Monday’s interview."

— MLove

"I got my in listen in this morning on the way to work. The podcast got me pumped, inspired, and ready to tackle my week with a positive attitude! Great content!

Cant wait for the next episode!!"

— Dr.SammyG

"This podcast is everything a podcast should be. Informative, inspiring, and positive. I now actually look forward to Mondays!"

 --- AbbyG

"Hi Mav,

   Your questions and summary  of Mayor Horwitz were well thought and added substantially to the podcast. Once again, you allowed maximum time for answers to your penetrating questions.

Looking forward to next Mondays interview.

Each one gets better as you are developing into an exceptional media communicator."


"I’m a huge fan!! I’m super proud of you. This is some great stuff. I really like the recap at the end and the takeaways. I also love how you asked what you could do better. That is a sure sign of humility and will lead to great success!! 

You ask really good questions. I hope you continue to pursue this. A curiosity driven life is the best one to live. 

I’m going to tell some of my friends to listen to your show. Keep learning!

— Carolyn

"Over my life I have listened to several different podcasts. Maverick's podcast, "Maverick Mondays" is not only clear and informative, but it's also entertaining unlike other podcasts. I strongly recommend this podcast to anyone."

— JKP123

"I listened to your interview on the podcast with Shari Goldberg, you were both amazing! No sure if you knew but I have an autistic child as well and he's very challenging at times. It was very nice for me to hear from her. Something I can really relate to. But you were fantastic, keep it up!"

— Mrs. Ais

"Yo! Everyone keeps telling me to check out the episode you released with Danny Grand. Im gonna check it out asap. Cant wait! Thanks for the awesom content keep up the good work!"

— RoPet

"This podcast is everything a podcast should be. Informative, inspiring, and positive. I now actually look forward to Mondays!"

— AYO G.

"Let's be honest, nobody likes Mondays. But what a great way to start a fresh week with this amazing podcast!"


Hi Maverick, I am a good friend of your grannie Frannie. I just wanted you to know how much I loved your podcast! Good luck to you!!

— AnnSlai

I truly enjoy listening mav!!!

Keep up the good work!!!

— LynSatt

"Just listened to the Shari interview again. I love the concept of finding a board of directors for life. Thank you!!!! Really fantastic stuff. Keep going!!!"

— CarGoff


This is the most inspiring and incredible thing ever!!!

Continue to keep inspiring and moving people.

Need more people in the world like YOU!

— KellyT

“I look forward to Monday morning I cant wait to hear who the nest guest is. A fabulous idea to inspire and motivate all of us beginning back at the weeks grind. Keep plugin away!”

— Annonymous

  “Congratulations on changing the way so many look at Mondays!”  


“WoW!! You got Rabbi Tatz!! Impressive! I'm excited to listen!”

— PaintY

“Hello from Australia! Amazing work! Love the format. Keep up the great work!



Enjoyed the conversation with Spohn so I went and listened to the one with your dad and Ryan. Great back to back combo.

— JustinH

"Everyone check this out! Most amazing and inspiring thing ever. The person who made it is from Cleveland. Gonna inspire you all and its and amazing view on many things."

— TK713

"I loved the episode with Poundcake! Best one yet! I loved it!!! Helped me get past my stress and overwhelming tiredness in the airport and it was very well done and GOOD!"

— TShprinK

"Each episode is better than the next!!!!"

— ViggiDaNiggi

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