"What is a podcast?"

A podcast is kind of like a pre-recorded radio show, in a sense. They are basically audio files made available for listening online or for download. The term "podcast" originates from the "iPod" and the word "broadcasting". Podcasts really started to take off in 2009. There is a large variety of podcasts. The popular shows include, "The Ron Burgandy Show", "Ted Talks", "Joe Rogan Experience", "Pod Saves America", and "Maverick Mondays". Podcasts are rapidly growing as they are an extremely efficient way to learn and become more knowledgeable in any specific area. There are even shows about history and comedy.

"How do I listen to a podcast?"

Many ways to listen to a podcast. You can listen to podcast online but most people today use any one of the following downloaded mobile apps:

Apple Podcasts • Spotify • iHeartRadio • PocketCasts • TuneIn • Stitcher • Anchor •  Breaker • Google Podcasts • OverCast • CastBox

Podcasts started out being available primarily via download on iTunes then synced to your apple product. However, today you can practically listen to your favorites shows anywhere, including YouTube!

"Can I write a review?"

The best way to leave a review in on iTunes itself. Log onto iTunes either on you PC or on you iPhone. Search the show you're looking to leave a review for and you will see and option to "Write A Review". (Please note, iTunes doesn't post your comment right away, it can take a couple days.)

Another way to leave a review for a podcast produced by MVPODCASTING is via the website. Click or tap on "CONTACT US" and you'll see a form to fill out for "Testimonails". After submitting your feedback is posted online.

"I have the best guest idea for a podcast, can I suggest someone?"

There's an option at www.mvpodcasting.com in the menu area called, "CONTACT US" click or tap on the selection and scroll down. A form will prompt you to fill out the most relevant information on how MVPODCASTING can get in touch with your suggested guest. 

Once filled out and submitted that person will be looked into and contacted to see if he or she are interested in appearing on the show.

"How do sponsorships work?"

Thank you for your interest in associating with MVPODCASTING!

In the menu area please select the button that says, "SPONSOR" and you will be redirected to an online electronic document to fill out.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: 


"Is there any way Mvpodcasting Productions can produce my podcast?"

Good question!

Please email us at mavpeters@aol.com

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