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BLOOD TIME. The podcast that speaks to the bond & emotion between coach & athlete at the interscholastic & intercollegiate level. Each interview, each segment will reveal that bond, what was learned, & how they were transformed. What that athlete took to the world at large from the transformation. These stories will warm your heart & and astound you altogether. Submitted for your approval.

Now it is BLOOD TIME!

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1. Defining "blood time" w/ sonny marchette & mark hawald

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the all-new "Blood Time" podcast! With two fantastic coaches Sonny Marchette and Mark Hawald, we kick off a truly inspiring new podcast! For more information check out "Blood Time" on Instagram and online at:

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2. the peace officer & humanity w/ scott safenovitz

Police Officer Scott Safenovitz goes deep with Coach Cimoroni on the daunting duties of an officer today as society continues to change. His unique method of maintaining peace and humanity is truly remarkable. He also shares the real life preparation he received as a young athlete in grade school and how his coaches crafted him into the gentleman he is today. 

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3. CEO Extraordinaire W/ Barry BroomE

Barry Broome, president of Sacramento Economics council, one of the top economic development organizations in the country, and former John Carrol wrestler opens up on his past and how he still lives with his wrestler's mentality in just about everything he does. Follow the show on Facebook and Instagram! More info at,!

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4. Ultimate warrior w/ jason thomas

Oh, how the few protect us all.... Jason Thomas is here with us to share some of the most meaningful things you’ll ever hear. He’s taken what he’s learned from his coaches in grade school with him onto the battlefield as he fought and continues to fight for our country. Listen here! #HappyVeteransDay


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