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The podcast that speaks to the bond & emotion between coach & athlete at the interscholastic & intercollegiate level.


Each interview, each segment will reveal that bond, what was learned, & how they were transformed. What that athlete took to the world at large from the transformation.


These stories will warm your heart & and astound you altogether.


Submitted for your approval....

Now it is BLOOD TIME!

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25. Coaches Round Table W/ Guy Sako, Gus Sako, & Audie Atienza"

Episode 25, our quarter century mark is unique with our first 3-person interview. In studio representing the incredible "Defense Soap" company is father and son, Guy and Gus Sako. This great company is led by innovator Guy Sako, a former wrestler and current coach. Guy and his son share  the incredible journey from idea to international corporation. "Defense Soap" serves the wrestling, martial arts, and combat sport communities as it has now become a soap for everyone. Give a listen to this inspirational story. As an added bonus we have the pleasure of hearing from Audie Atienza the (relatively) new head wrestling coach at the Solon High School. Audie has taken over the legendary Coach Tony DiGiovanni and hasn't missed a beat. Atienza enlightens us with marvelous coaching tips and admirable stories of his current wrestlers and staff as well as amazing careers of some illustrious alumni. We are all blood and very blessed to have had these three in studio with Coach Cimoroni.

24. "Compassionate Leadership W/ Chad Silverstein"

Chad, since his days at Beachwood High School has exhibited strong leadership well beyond his years. As an All-Sate wrestler to businessman, Silverstein has been a pillar in Columbus, Ohio as his innovative company “ReStart” helps those in debt get back on their feet by finding employment. This cutting edge company is his brainchild and speaks to the type of man Chad is. During our discussion, Chad reveals what motivates him, who his mentors are, and what he continues to bring to his community. One of the greatest success stories out of the Beachwood High School wrestling program is Chad Silverstein.
peter cimoroni

"We are blood. Love to all!"


Peter is a wrestling coach of the highest caliber for over 30 years. His unique method of coaching, conveying technique, and skills make him extremely valuable to any program. His ability to connect with athletes and help them reach their full potential is unparalleled.


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