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The podcast that speaks to the bond & emotion between coach & athlete at the interscholastic & intercollegiate level.


Each interview, each segment will reveal that bond, what was learned, & how they were transformed. What that athlete took to the world at large from the transformation.


These stories will warm your heart & and astound you altogether.


Submitted for your approval.

Now it is BLOOD TIME!

Episode #1

Defining "Blood Time" W/ Sonny Marchette  Mark Hawald

Coach Peter Cimoroni

Serial entrepreneur that has also assisted dozens of local and national companies in strategic growth, brand development, and acquisition negotiations.

Coach Cimoroni has been a wrestling coach of the highest caliber for over 30 years. His unique method of coaching, conveying technique, and skills make him extremely valuable to any program. His ability to connect with athletes and help them reach their full potential is unparalleled.

With this podcast, Coach plans on shares heart-warming stories of how athletes and coaches connected beyond the grind of the sport and how they continued to live by their coach's lessons throughout life.