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While anyone can buy a microphone and just start talking, the Maverick Podcasting Network ensures your voice gets heard! At the Maverick Podcasting Network we truly do things different as we break through the cluttered sound-waves of traditional podcasts. We take our hosts and their messages straight to the top with our full-service, comprehensive platform.

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Featured Episodes


The Addiction of Pornography

41:21 mins

Josh has spent a large portion of his life struggling with an unshakable addiction to pornography (and alcohol). He opens up about his addiction, how he overcame it, and how he's dedicating all of his spare time towards helping others who are struggling as he did. 


Gem From The Nile

31:44 mins

Have you ever met someone and simply feel fortunate to have known them or simply be in their presence? Coach Yasser Hussein an Egyptian by birth and now United States citizen is just such a person. 


Hanging Upside-Down

24:16 mins

As a ghostwriter, story expert, book coach, and CEO and founder of "The Ink Agency", Christine Whitmarsh is quite the accomplished lady. On this episode 35, Christine and Maverick uncover some quite interesting and unusual secrets to her success as an author.


Wrestling Royalty 

101:45 mins

In Episode 34 the Brothers Milkovich bring a regal telling of that Maple Heights mentality and legacy, and is capped off with a thrilling and heartfelt tribute by their cousin and 40 years Head Coach at Maple Hts. 

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